Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Story Meets Viva la Vida

Life has been going good! I've just been working to save up some money. Macys is an alright job for the time and I'm learning a lot about dealing with difficult customers. :) Some people can get pretty crazy about sales! I don't think I mentioned that Amanda and I are living at home for the fall semester so that we can save up some money and we'll just drive back and forth for school. It should work out well, we just hope that when it gets closer to winter we don't have problems. I'm excited for school to start though. I like being in classes, I just hate homework and tests. I'm really excited to see my friends again too!

So Amanda told me about a video that her friend, Necia, showed her and I LOVE it! I love piano music and so I wanted to post it! I love Jon Schmidt and I listen to a lot of his songs when I do my homework. So its Love Story meets Viva la Vida! Thanks Necia! Enjoy!

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