Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I think its a Chia Pet!

Things have been going good! I've just been working and chillin with the family. Monday was my mom and dad's 25th anniversary! I love my parents and they are wonderful examples of a great marriage! I'm having a difficult time putting the pictures from their anniversary up, but I will keep trying!
So if you know me you know that I was bound to put up something on Twilight in the blog. I am a big fan just like the rest of the world and I'm not ashamed of it! haha But I thought I would post for ya some of the videos that have come up recently!
This is the new teaser for New Moon! It's very short but looks great!

If you havent seen the trailer for New Moon, I'll just add that one too! :) It's gettting closer! yay!

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