Tuesday, July 28, 2009

peer pressure!

So I never really thought about starting my own blog until my roommate and our friend had one. I really liked looking at theirs and thought it might be kinda fun to have my own. I originally thought that I would just wait until I am married, like most the people I know do, but I really like to blog and I keep up my families blog that I was thinking I would want one me-self. I gave into a lot of peer pressure (not the bad kind) from Britni and Leah this semester that I thought I might as well keep it up! haha

So to update on what's going on with me now.... I just got done with my summer semester which was a lot of work...but more fun! I really enjoyed it! I miss it a little bit right now, but I am happy to be home. I am currently applying for every job in Idaho Falls in hopes to get something to help me get money while I have my summer break before I go back to school in the fall. It's been kinda fun to have a lot of different opportunities for jobs here in Idaho Falls than the jobs I could choose from in Aberdeen, which is close to nothing. I'm also excited to go to our new singles WARD (yes it is a ward and not a 10 person branch in American Falls, jk, that branch is very unique and I will miss linger longer:) It's fun to be new in a singles ward, haha, if you haven't seen the second singles ward movie it's worth watching! It's hilarious! GRANDPA! haha

Yesterday, Sarah, Amanda, Nic, and I went and saw Harry Potter again! I love that movie!! There is a lot of great acting in it and I think all the characters showed that! One that I noticed more was Draco did an excellent job at his part! It's also hilarious!! I about pee my pants when Harry drinks the luck potion! His facial expressions are so funny! I think the professor slughorn does an excellent job too!

So that's about all I got right now! I guess we'll see how long I can keep this blog up! :)
peace out!

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