Thursday, July 30, 2009

Macy's and cookies!

So i got a job!!! I am so happy about it! I filled out an application online that took a while because they had 230 questions on it! It was crazy and I finally got a call back on Tuesday that they wanted to set up an interview for Wednesday. So I went in and the interview went really well. I was really nervous before! I tend to start blabbing when I get really nervous so I was praying the whole time that I would be calm and just be me-self. Also to help all my nerves, as me and Amanda were driving to the mall, on the radio the lady was talking about how people now a days dress inappropriate for job interviews. So the whole time I'm looking at my outfit wondering if mine was okay! I went in and the lady was so nice and the interview went great! The whole time I was just trying to remember all the things my teacher in high school taught us in speech class during our interview lesson. Sit up, don't move your legs to different positions, don't say um, and so on. But at the end of the interview she told me that she liked me but that they already had some students working there and would need to see if they could fit around my school schedule for the fall. She said she would get back to me so I left. I called Amanda and she was waiting for me out in the car, so I walked out the doors I thought were the right ones, which ended up not being the right ones. So I walked through Macy's again to get to the other side and the lady that did my interview called my name and said that she was talking to one of the ladies there and the lady said to hire me! I was really excited and I'm going in to figure out the details today! Yay! I really don't like job searching and I'm really glad to get that done! The only problem now is I can't decide what I'm going to do for the fall. I could live at home and save a lot more money for different things, which would be really nice, but I love being at school! I would have a social life! But it's just more I need to think about! Ugh! I did read a scripture last night about searching out everything and then ask the Lord if it's right (or something like that). So I'll weigh all my options. Mostly I just want to be with my friends at school! ha

I was getting a little bored last night so I decided I would try cooking! I've been seeing this preview for Julie and Julia and I felt like cooking. So I decided oatmeal cookies sounded really good! I used the butterscotch bag that had a recipe and thought it sounded pretty good. I decided to double it and so I first had to double the butter. It said 3/4 cup and doubling that is three sticks of butter. So the next ingredients were sugar and brown sugar. They both were 3/4 cup so doubling it, I assumed because I was thinking about the butter, I put three cups in! After complaining the whole time that that was a lot of sugar and all we would be eating was sugar, my mom and dad figured it out. So we pulled sugar out and I kept going being very careful with my math! ha They actually turned out really good, thankfully to my mom and dad for figuring out what I did wrong, or we would have ate really sugary cookies! :)

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